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We believe in making the world a better place, all humanitarian problems shall be solved, by amplifying global philanthropy & volunteerism.

‘Let’s ACT Indonesia’ is an invitation for us wherever we are to show that we care for others as fellow human beings. Together, we collaborate by all means to give solutions for humanitarian issues in Indonesia and all over the world.

Our Story

ACT variety of lessons along the way towards a better world civilization
Global Qurban

ACTNews, MAIDUGURI, Nigeria - Fourteen thousand plus seven hundred kilometers from Indonesia, there is a nation hosting its people in devastating and dusty refugee camps. It is but Borno State of Nige

Let's Save Palestine

ACTNews, GAZA, Palestine - All Indonesians agree that year 1945 has deep meaning for them. Although at that time information dissemination only depended on radio, news of Indonesia’s Independe

Global Qurban

  ACTNews, LOMBOK - If a simple survey regarding Lombok was made, it is likely that the majority of Jakartans know Lombok. They maybe have gone to this island for several times and fell for its

Global Qurban

ACTNews, SOUTH SUDAN - It is six years old now. June 9, 2011 became the date birth of this youngest country ever in this world. South Sudan it is, a landlocked country which was once a part of Republi

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