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We believe in making the world a better place, all humanitarian problems shall be solved, by amplifying global philanthropy & volunteerism.

‘Let’s ACT Indonesia’ is an invitation for us wherever we are to show that we care for others as fellow human beings. Together, we collaborate by all means to give solutions for humanitarian issues in Indonesia and all over the world.

Our Story

ACT variety of lessons along the way towards a better world civilization
Emergency Response

ACTNews, ASMAT – We arrived at Kampung Per, Agats District on Sunday (11/2). Twenty sacks of rice, that had arrived few hours before, was being unloaded. A number of local villagers helped to ca

Emergency Response

ACTNews, ASMAT – After the arrival of Humanitarian Ship for Papua on Friday (9/2), 100 tons of rice has been distributed gradually. On Tuesday (12/2), Bayawpinam Village was our main destination

Emergency Response

ACTNews, ASMAT – Aksi Cepat Tangap (ACT)’s endeavor in reaching all districts in Asmat hasn’t been finished. There are still donation trusts that need to be delivered to our fellow I

TPN Lembata
Tepian Negeri

ACTNews, LEMBATA – There are many education-related problems experienced by the young generation in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). This will affect the leadership regeneration quality of the next gen

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