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AKSI CEPAT TANGGAP : MRI Water Rescue Training

AKSI CEPAT TANGGAP : MRI Water Rescue Training

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ACT variety of lessons along the way towards a better world civilization
Solidaritas Kemanusiaan Dunia Islam (SKDI)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – The long holidays at the end of March 2017 is surely a perfect time to gather with friends and families. In a time like these, people take the pleasures and explore

Save Humanity

Greetings from Indonesia in Garsaley, Mooro Gabey and Lafaale Camp. The first phase of food aid with as many as 26,4 tons has been finalized in camps around Baidoa City, Bay Region, Somalia.   A

Global Wakaf

ACTNews, JAKARTA - The world history obviously exposes how Islam in Andalusia, Spain, began to enter its golden age under the Umayyad Caliphate in the eighth century. Economic development, cultural wo

Save Humanity

What will happen if food and hunger crisis are not taken care of? This is lives we are talking about, regarding the risks of surviving or dying due to hunger. This morning, Wednesday (22/2) saddened n

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