Global Qurban


Global Qurban became an icon of Muslim concern to the world through sacrificial worship instruments. As a sacrificial service that has an economic dimension, it gives an opportunity for this institution to do a sacrifice strategy that is not only charitable but also productive economy. This is what then encourage the emergence of Global Qurban program that works on sacrifice activities from upstream to downstream.

 Currently in the upstream sector the program raises Livestock Community Program (LTM), while the downstream sector Global Qurban distributed meat sacrifices to dozens of countries since 2013, and this year Global Qurban will reach 27 target distribution countries. Global Qurban has delivered sacrificial offerings to disaster areas, poor areas and food insecurity in the archipelago to endangered communities and victims of humanitarian conflicts abroad (Palestine, Syria, Somalia, Jordan, Central Africa, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, East Timor, China, etc.).

 "All Happy qurban" in the Global Qurban, with us across the boundaries of race, race, and country. Even non Muslims can feel the happiness when enjoying a delicious qurban dish this world hereafter. This is Islam rahmatan lil 'alaamin, which spreads happily to the earth. More and more years that can be happy this program, God willing.

Sacrificial worship is highly recommended by Islam. Even some of the great scholars oblige him. Thus, Global Qurban is determined to make it easier for anyone to be able to fulfill it.

Through the program Savings Qurban flexible pekurban can determine the amount and time, and still get a special price according to the repayment period through various ease of transactions.

Global Qurban offers a frugal price for sacrificial reservations at the beginning of time, through the PROGRESSIVE QURBAN program.

By booking the sacrifice at the beginning of time also helped the economy of the community, through the program LUMBUNG PERNAK SOCIETY that has been running since 2007 in various regions of the archipelago for the welfare of the local community.

Happy sacrifice!