Global Wakaf


Global Waqf is an institution managing the endowment objects of society that manage professionally, trust, wide reach (global) in order to build prosperity of society who is entitled to receive it through programs that are primarily empowering (productive).

Global Waqf receives the trust of waqf money and waqf through money. Endowment of money, making money as a permanent value of waqf, becomes productive business capital and its profits are distributed to mauquf 'alaih (beneficiaries). Wakaf through money, wakaf money that will be realized to be a specific endowment object set by a waqf.

Next are 4 options of sustainable endowments wakaf from Global Waqf:


Endowment Food
The food crisis is a humanitarian problem that stretches ahead. Building food security, solutions to deal with it. Various food endowments include:

Wakaf Sawah, the concept of community food security through the management of wakaf in the form of agricultural land to produce food with multi-benefit system, so as to produce quality food, a larger surplus and able to sustain the food needs of the community;

Endowment Wakaf, which is to hold a new water source in the drought by looking for potential point of springs.


Wakaf Education
Education is the foundation of civilization. Waqfs are an important part of ensuring the generation of the nation gets a decent education to build a strong civilization. The Waqf Education Program channeles your waqf funds to build school facilities and infrastructure, ensuring school-aged children are well-educated despite being away from access to education. The distribution of educational waqf funds includes: first, the construction of classrooms or schools especially on the islands of the Countryside; second, provide supporting teaching and learning activities include tables and benches, textbooks and study books. In addition to school facilities and infrastructure, wakaf funds will also be channeled for the construction of mosques or mosque as the center of religious education and character.


Health Endowment
Various healthcare needs, included in this program. At the beginning of activation, the program is a waqf of ambulance vehicles and medicines to support hospitals and clinics in medical care for victims of the Syrian humanitarian conflict.


Economic Endowment
Producing wakaf assets, became the main foothold of the program. The initiated start of the program mobilized four programs, namely:

Wakaf Livestock, mobilizing the economy through maintenance and breeding for the benefit of the people, namely through fattening (fattening) and breeding (nursery);

Endowments Property is aimed at increasing the benefits of wakaf assets in order to be able to contribute in the socio-economic field as well as sustaining the development progress of a region. Waqf management in the form of property, aimed at increasing the benefits of waqf assets. Global Wakaf Tower, one of the example of Wakaf Property program, is to build a multi-storey office building with wakaf fund and its management maslahat utilized for the benefit of the people.

Wakaf Retail is the result of optimizing waqf funds through business management, making it more productive and sustainable benefits doubled for the ummah. Sodaqo is a brand of Wakaf Retail which was first activated in June 2016 and will continue to be developed in various cities in Indonesia. Wakaf Retail is an integration of the concept of "business and charity".

Endowments Stocks or securities aimed at maximizing dividend earnings will be optimized to benefit the people. Management of stocks or securities intended to maximize the acquisition of dividends (profit sharing).


Wakaf is an amaliyah service that has great potential to be developed. An asset is represented, the value of the waqf is fixed, but the result of wakaf always benefits from time to time. For that required a professional management system for the benefits of waqf continues to multiply. Now do not have to wait to have assets to be able to berwakaf. With Waqwa Money and Wakaf Through Money, you can immediately berwakaf accordance with the desire and ability. There are various types of waqf that you can choose with a variety of secure and convenient payment methods.


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