Global Zakat is a philanthropic institution of Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) which focuses on the management of zalcat from the society by running it professionally, trustworthy, reaching wide (global) in order to build the welfare of the people who are entitled to receive it through social, religious and humanitarian programs.

Armed with ACT's long experience of managing the humanitarian issues of the world on the basis of generosity and global community volunteers, Global Zakat comes to ensure that every implementation of the program is appropriate for the welfare of the 8 asnaf beneficiaries.

Global Zakat programs are organized in a creative, innovative, productive and transparent manner. Initiating social change mustahiq ranging from complementing the most basic human needs. Among others are through scholarship programs, beaguru, food packages for the poor and refugees through member cards, free meal service, and customize programs (karitatif) against incidental incidents.

Let's zakat together with Global Zakat right now. Awaken the life of the people, widespread benefits.

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