Tasneem's Shining Hope for Recovery

Let's Save Palestine

ACTNews, GAZA – Not a word of whining and complaining came out from Tasneem’s mouth. The 15-year-old Palestinian teenager suffers from renal failure. At such a young age, Tasneem’s wish is simple: to get healed so that she can go back to school.

The news about Tasneem’s condition reached Indonesia, gaining sympathy and support from the generous Indonesians. Her renal failure requires her to undergo hemodialysis to survive, twice a week for the rest of her life.

“I know about Indonesia. Our brothers and sisters in Indonesia have helped us, Palestinian children, a lot. How could your generosity reach us? Your hearts must be very gentle, always have the spirit to help us,” said Tasneem to Mobile Social Rescue (MSR) – Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) volunteers in Gaza, as reported on Wednesday (3/13).  

According to doctors in Rantissi hospital, Gaza, Tasneem needs kidney transplants to fully heal. Each surgery will cost USD 50,000 (approximately IDR 200,000,000). Before the transplants can be done, Tasneem needs to wait for matching donors.

Living in poverty and conflict has badly affected Tasneem’s psychology. The collapsing economy and lack of security have taken their toll on Tasneem’s health. She now needs special food and vitamins.

Zayed Khaled Heji (53), Tasneem’s father, is trying his best for the recovery of his daughter. As a laborer, he earns $8. He keeps struggling to get the needed amount of money for Tasneem’s treatments. Unfortunately, the current situation in Gaza has prevented Heji to work in recent months.

Amidst the difficult condition that affect Tasneem and her family, there’s still hope. Tasneem believes that her brothers and sisters in Indonesia have generous hearts. No matter how vast is the distance that separates the two nations, MSR – ACT will keep working to help Tasneem to heal. []