Two Palestinian Teenagers Killed During Weekly Protest

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Two Palestinian Teenagers Killed During Weekly Protest

ACTNews, GAZA – “Please wake up Hasan, come with me!” wailed a Palestinian girl on a video spreading across social media platforms. The girl was the sister of Hasan Iyad Shalaby (14), one of two Palestinian teenagers who were killed during the latest Great Return March protest on Friday (2/8).

In their statement, Palestinian health ministry said that Shalaby was shot with a live bullet in the chest, noting that paramedics did their best to save him but he died soon after being struck.

Another teenager killed was Hamza Mohammad Ishtiwi (18). Not only being hit by Israeli army’s bullet, Ishtiwi was also hit on the neck and died before arriving in hospital.

The Great Return March has reached its 46th week. Thousands of Palestinians have protested along the Gaza-Israel border since March 30 2018, demanding the lift of the blockade and the Palestinians’ rights to return to their lands.

The protests that are held every Friday have been met with hostilities by the Israeli forces. Many protesters have been wounded as the Israeli army respond to the protests with bullets and canisters.

Palestinian health authority in Gaza mentioned that, in the latest protest (2/8), 17 were injured, including two journalists and four medics. According to Palestinian news agency Maan, Israeli forces shot tear gas canisters at an ambulance and sprayed protesters with chemically enhanced sewage water in the east of Khan Younis.

Since the beginning of the protests on March 30 2018, at least 194 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza, including 28 children, one woman, two journalists, three paramedics and three people with disabilities, as stated by Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights.

Additionally, since March 30, no less than 9,970 Gazans have been wounded, including 1,815 children, 419 women, 114 paramedics and 105 journalists. The number of the wounded includes 5,646 who were wounded by Israeli live bullets. []

Picture sources: electronicintifada, middleeastmonitor,, ACT documentation in Gaza