Yogyakartans Raises IDR 650,000,000 for Palestine

ACT Yogyakarta
Yogyakartans Raises IDR 650,000,000 for Palestine

ACTNews, YOGYAKARTA – In an effort to raise the awareness and sympathy of the people of Indonesia for the people of Palestine, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) continued their roadshow entitled Indonesia Saves Palestine, where Sheikhs and Imams who live in Palestine are given a chance to speak about the current condition in Palestine. In Yogyakarta, an Indonesian imam who resides in Gaza, Muhammad Husein, gave the speech about the current condition in Palestine.

Since Sunday (3/10) to Thursday (3/14), Husein visited several mosques in Yogyakarta. “Alhamdulillah, until the third day of the fundraising for Palestine, we managed to raised IDR 650,000,000 in cash and donation pledge,” said Zainul Mutaqin of ACT Yogyakarta.

The funds that have been raised will be converted into food packages that will be delivered to the Palestinians through the Humanitarian Ship for Palestine. “In April, Insha Allah we will sail 1,000 tons of aid through the Humanitarian Ship for Palestine. This is our collaborative work to sail 10,000 tons of aid in total by late 2019 after we managed to sail 2,000 tons of rice in early 2018,” said Bagus Suryanto, ACT Yogyakarta Branch manager.

Currently, the condition in Gaza has reached its worst after 13 years of blockade. “More than half of the Gazans are on the verge of famine. Ninety-eight percent of water in Gaza is not drinkable due to pollution, and electricity runs only for two hours a day. Government employees in Palestine can no longer earn their full salaries. For the sake of humanity, let us help our brothers and sisters in Palestine,” said Suryanto.

Meanwhile, Husein reminded us how the Palestinians played an important role in Indonesian Independence. Decades ago, the Palestinians are among the first who supported Indonesian independence although they were still struggling to reach their own.

“When we declared our independence, one of the first nations who supported Indonesian independence was Palestine. There was a rich Palestinian businessman who gave all his wealth to support Indonesian independence,” explained Husein in his speech in Al-Amin Mosque, Kulon Progo, Wednesday (3/13).

Muhammad Husein is an Indonesian who has lived in Gaza for the last eight years, Now, he is finishing his postgraduate study in Gaza Islamic University.

The roadshow in Yogyakarta was among the humanitarian programs initiated by ACT Yogyakarta to support Palestine. In the last two weeks, ACT Yogyakarta has held fundraising events and will hold charity concert attended by singer Melly Goeslaw on March 17. []