Israel's blockade of Gaza that has lasted for about 11 years has paralyzed almost all the joints of Gaza city life. Access to and out of Gaza is closed tightly. The massive isolation completely closes the mobilization of Gazans to access health, education and commerce. When military aggression broke out in 2014, the humanitarian crisis in Gaza reached its climax. Although a ceasefire has been agreed upon, Gaza's condition has not improved. The economic and infrastructure systems are still paralyzed. At least 75 thousand refugees have not been able to return to their homes that are now severely damaged and dormant.

Meanwhile, unemployment and poverty continue to climb. In December 2016, Jamal Alkhoudary, one of the Palestinian lawmakers, revealed that 80% of Gaza's 2 million people live below the poverty line. On the other hand, 60% of youth there are forced to become unemployed due to lack of employment. With this condition, the price of basic necessities is increasingly unaffordable to the public. The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics says 80% of Gaza pre-prosperous residents have no choice but to rely on humanitarian aid. The UN clearly says even if this condition continues, it is possible that Gaza will be totally paralyzed by 2020.

Not only Gaza, Palestinian West Bank region also get discrimination that is not much different. The West Bank and Gaza Strip are jointly the Palestinian Territorial Occupation (OPT), which has been under Israeli military occupation since June 1967. The West Bank's territory since 1967 continues to shrink as a result of the expulsion of Palestinians into Jewish settlements. In 2003, Israel began to make Partition Wall in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Approximately 85 percent of the total length of the projected route lies within the pest area.

Since 2009, Aksi Cepat Tanggap has represented the people of Indonesia already present Palestinian members with various actions and programs. ACT's ongoing program of collaboration with various partners, until now alhamdulillah is still ongoing. Among them are Mobile Water Tank and Waterwell (water wells) built in North Jabalia. Then the provision of electricity generators along with diesel fuel in several stages for residential, health clinics, and schools. ACT has also restored the livelihoods of the people of Gaza through the manufacture of chicken farms and fishing boats.

In the field of health of ACT every year gradually channeling the mandate of the people of Indonesia in the form of health clinic development, the provision of ambulances, medical equipment, wheelchairs, to help the delivery for women in Gaza.

Each year in some period ACT also implements donations from Indonesia to meet the basic needs of Palestinian food. Among them is the provision of food packages containing sembako, the distribution of qurban meat, the distribution of wheat flour, Eid gifts, and the distribution of ready-to-eat ifhtor in the month of Ramadan.

At the end of April 2017, ACT launched Humanity Card program. Small cards the size of ID cards containing ATM-like balances to spend on beneficiaries at some of ACT's minimart partners. Periodically, Palestinian refugees visit two minimarkets in Central Gaza and Khan Younis. Generally, they buy food needs such as cooking oil, rice, wheat, sugar, milk, fresh vegetables, and so forth. They no longer have to struggle with the price of groceries. Simply submit a small card that has been filled with mini shopping balance to the minimarket cashier, they can redeem the groceries they buy.

Let's help lighten the suffering of the brothers in Palestine with our sincere prayer and our best help. Distribute your donations through the following accounts:
Bank Syariah Mandiri 101 000 5557
Bank Mandiri 128 000 4593 338
Bank Central Asia 676 030 0860
BNI Syariah 009 611 0239
On behalf of (Foundation) Aksi Cepat Tanggap