winter aid

Don't Let Sham Freeze Over

Early Winter has Arrived on Earth Sham. Adding to the anxiety Life Continues Its bloody conflict hearts showered the land of Palestine and Syria. The temperature slowly dropped-And The sky darkened melancholy, grief-Men Add a glorious thing now undergoing Still Life terlunta hearts refugee camp and building rubble. Middle atmosphere uproar in the Armed War, millions of souls Must Go 'war' against the cold nature. Overnight tent Curtain hearts minimalist Without thick blankets or warm clothes, as though they were deprived of their lives Counting backwards hearts raga That Keep shivering. Do not let them freeze frozen heart BECAUSE kita. Insha Allah, ACT Back distribute Humanitarian Aid For Palestinians and Syria to review Facing Winter.

October will be a few weeks Ended hearts. Shortly Again Syria will enter the Winter That Ganas. During the four-month Forward, the reduced temperature Start handcuff the whole territory of Sham earth. Again, Found Syrian refugees will duel natural WITH From behind strands of tarpaulin camp, Building Unfinished, nor Residential WHILE AWAY From the decent thing.

NO The Souls Who wants getirnya Winter in Syria, especially the taxable income of the Civil War broke out IN 2011 The Silam. When entering the peak of Winter, Throughout December Until January, temperatures will drop-Drastic at 0C Until BETWEEN 20C.

More From ITU, as the fall of snow, wind and rain Dense Also STRONG will accompany the days of the Cold evacuation. Just Last Year, heavy rains accompanied Heavy snow hit the Camps in Syria and its neighboring countries gatra. Launch From Huffington Post, as many as 11 people in northern Syria snatched the invocation of which is prayer year old toddler and elderly Who Lived in the area of ​​Aleppo. NO Only the ITU, other Three Children Killed in Kamp Participate Halima, Lebanon, when they inhabit Kamp The snow storm collapsed.

Sense of Peace And Safe is in the country kenihilan Yang THOUSANDS Years Ago EVER Become Cradle of Civilization World singer. Recent data, More than 400,000 people killed in the Civil War hearts brutal Yang has lasted for More Than Five Years in Syria. Those Who Survived Life seeks to review, for asylum in several gatra neighbors such as Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and Turkey.

However, displaced Never alter their fate. Fleeing from conflict Indirect MAKE Everything Being Returned as originally. Conditions had MUCH DIFFERENT Also fact occurred in countries such gatra. Life as a refugee, without home, without guarantee of life at once. Accompanied by the dark and cold.

MEANWHILE, The fate of some refugees Yang Trying to find a way To Europe did not Better. The ferocity of the ocean waves breaking wooden boat, killing the souls Not Yet Had new set of persimmon in Mainland WITH A Better Life expectancy. In fact, in the Winter, Walking persimmon bypass the limits of Europe is CHOICE For those stifling fence. The To the north, the FAR From Outline the Earth's equator, the ground is getting cold, Air increasingly tense, snowed-not bring tranquility, falling snow toppled AWAY Temperature Below Zero degrees Celsius.

Syrian Foreign Bagai dystopia, where the War Able mendehumanisasikan 22 million citizens. And now, dystopias in Syria increasingly real as the presence of the Winter The bitterness in the Middle helplessness refugees.