President ACT Greetings

We live in the era where we find it quite difficult to differentiate the criteria of a natural disaster, social disaster, a humanitarian disaster. Disasters caused by human activity itself come out in a series of ‘natural disaster’ which then resulted in a chain of long-term social disasters that even beyond human life generally.
Take the example of malnutrition (see: long-term acute hunger), which has been mercilessly spread to most parts of our country and other countries and even in developed countries are not spared from food shortages. The cause of the outbreak of malnutrition is a combination of various factors that constitute human activity itself.
Starting from the devastating drought that is partly a result of extreme climate change, wars, and the economic system that trapped the world in the global crisis, and also the government (which almost?) failed to form a society that has access to adequate food and health facilities. Moreover, there are also other factors that could be a long-discussion matter.
‘Human act’, which obviously is the root problem of almost all the ‘catastrophe’ on the earth in the last decade, seems really should make us to contemplate the answer to the question: who should be ‘responsible’? The second, who is supposed to make refinements in the earth? This is no longer a matter of who is at fault. Because as time goes by we can no longer accuse other people, other party, without then we are being accused too. And again, blaming would only makes us and whoever among us, have some justification to just sit back and do nothing.
Clearly, whoever we are, if we are truthfully a human that upholds goodness and try to make improvements in the earth, it would not be so difficult for us right now, to participate and march along together as the "problem-solver". If each of us do it on our own, definitely it would be very limited, but we must be certain that when we combine the forces we have, and jointly deploy to anyone with awareness to act together for the sake of humanity, then slowly it will be an unstoppable waves of humanitarian movement.
Create a caring-culture. A culture in which CARE manifested into VOLUNTARY movement. Becoming a real proof of humanity that filled the heart of most of us, and a way of life, the main value is upheld, by every (or most) of us. Volunteerism that emerged from the consciousness which is deeply rooted, that when we do something for "other" is actually none other than is to themselves and to the togetherness of all without exception. That means, we forming our SELF-RELIANCE. A community self-reliance, in which become the purpose of any efforts that we do.
Let us imagine, soon in our future, there is a cycle of concern - volunteerism - self-reliance that continues to proceed without interruption. This is the civilization in which we, together, become fully empowered to determine the best life we ​​want. Civilization where each of us realize that care and concern are the highest form of consciousness to do (read: voluntary), and the ‘output’ solidify into our independence as a society. Then our self-reliance is necessarily become a social capital for us to further enhance our awareness and volunteerism, and so on ... grow bigger like a snowball effect ... increasingly independent and adequate as a community.
Therefore what merely logical when we say, that awareness, volunteerism, is a true and permanent answer to all the problems in the world today, which is caused by how ignorant we are, to one another. An attainment strategy towards community self-reliance. But in the same time, become the objectives of the strategy itself, a cycle of concern - volunteerism - independence of the community.
Apparently when it happens, when we are able to do everything that needs to be done to refine the world, on the basis of humanity and kindness alone, without a discontinuous within the boundaries of any kind, then we become the human at its best. The human at its best ‘nature’, in hereafter.