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A 7.4 magnitude earthquake shook Palu, Donggala, and other surrounding areas. Thousands have been confirmed dead and many houses, places of worship, schools and other public facilities were destroyed.


Another calamity has brought sorrow to Indonesia. A 7.4 magnitude earthquake followed by tsunami hit Palu, Donggala, and their surrounding areas, killing thousands and severely wounded 500 others. Until Saturday (10/02) afternoon, 215 aftershocks had been recorded and almost 16,000 had been displaced. The number is expected to rise as the evacuation process continues.

Basic necessities like food, medicine, clean water, electricity and tents are direly needed after the disasters have left severe and massive destruction.

Give our best support by extending our helping hand and sending our most sincere prayers to alleviate our brothers and sisters in humanity affected by the disasters.

It’s not time for us to sit idly and watch. Let us help them with anything we can.

The sorrow and agony of the people in Palu-Donggala who have lost their family members and their houses. They have to endure the gnawing pangs of hunger and the pain from their wounds. They have nowhere to live, nothing to eat, and no basic necessities to help them survive after the devastating disasters.

#We’re With Palu-Donggala


Series of earthquakes of varying magnitudes have shaken Central and West Sulawesi. The worst-affected areas are in Palu Municipality and Donggala Regency in Central Sulawesi with 7.4 magnitude earthquake followed by tsunami of 1-4 meters high that claimed thousands of lives

  • Affected Villages
  • Casualties
  • Missing
  • Heavily Wounded
  • Displaced
  • Aftershocks

* last updated on October 08 2018
Sumber : National Disaster Mitigation Board (BNPB)

#We’re With Palu-Donggala


To this day, Emergency Response teams are reaching disaster-affected areas to evacuate victims and distribute emergency relief amidst difficult situation on the location


Medical Services

Basic Needs Distribution

#We’re With Palu-Donggala


In this difficult situation, any amount of donation we give means very much for them. Most importantly, let us send our sincere prayers for the victims as well as for relief workers who are struggling to alleviate their suffering. Truly, there’s no true power and might except that of The Almighty.

Donate online


The amount you are about to donate is:

Facing Difficulties to Donate Online?
You can donate directly though bank accounts below :

Bank Name Account Number
BNI Syariah 0270 360 372
Bank Mandiri 101 000 4802 482
Bank BRI 0382 01 00077 0306
Bank BCA 676 060 5555
Bank Mualamat 304 0031 869
Bank Syariah Mandiri 706 854 2973
CIMB Niaga Syariah 528 01 0000 1006
In the name of Aksi Cepat Tanggap Foundation
Please confirm after transferring by contacting one of the following numbers
Whatsapp: 0811 1102 342
SMS: 0853 3000 6000


Noncash donation

We can help others through various ways. Aksi Cepat Tanggap accepts both cash and noncash donation i.e. goods that can benefit the needy people of Palu, Donggala, and other disaster-affected areas.

The goods that can be donated are as follows:

  • Rice

  • Prepared Meals

  • Cooking Utensils

  • Medical Supplies

  • Tents and Tarpaulins

  • Drinking Water

  • New Clothes

  • Sanitary Napkins and Baby Diapers

  • Blankets

  • Personal Hygiene Kits

  • Sleeping Mats

  • Food for Babies

Goods can be delivered to the following address :

Jl. Gunung Sindur Raya no. 57, Curug Village, Gunung Sindur Sub-District, Bogor Regency, Indonesia.

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